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[行业动态] 2010.8.31
[行业动态] 2010.8.31
[行业动态] 2010.8.31
SCCBJ’s Corporate Culture:
Our mission is to find innovative solutions for the benefit of our customers, to relentlessly assist them improve their manufacturing ability, and reduce costs.

SCCBJ’s Core Values:
  Customer Dedication - We are committed to the satisfaction and success of every customer.
  Human Resources - We are committed to fostering staff achievement and realisation of their potential. To have satisfied staff is the company’s biggest possible achievement.
  Innovation and Entrepreneurship - We peruse innovation both for our customers and our own company and at the same time quickly and efficiently promote it’s implementation.
  Integrity - We uphold the values of trust, honesty and personal responsibility in both internal company affairs and external affairs.

Shengchen Service Features and Advantages:
With our customers in mind, SCCBJ continuously expand our range of service areas, introduce new kinds of services, improve the quality of our services and reduce costs. In addition, along with modernisation of the logistics industry, we have established a state-of-the-art Information management system to ensure we provide our customers with an accurate, fast and low-cost service.
Services Advisory
Beijing Export Department
Tel: +86-10-58672084-8001
Direct: +86-10-58674991
Fax: +86-10-58672094
Contact: Miss Li
Beijing Import Department
Tel: +86-10-58672084-8006
Direct: +86-10-58674992
Fax: +86-10-58672094
Contact: Miss Li
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